Promoting Healthy Eating

September 22nd, 2009
  1. Eat meals together with your children whenever possible.
  2. Provide and make available appropriate, healthy food at home (minimize junk food purchases and high fat desserts).
  3. Be a positive role model for eating and exercise behaviors.
  4. Talk with your child about what a “healthy diet” is, and about how it is different from “dieting” (discourage meal skipping, overeating, fasting).
  5. Limit sedentary activities (e.g. hours of television viewing) and promote physical activities.
  6. Support physical education and sports programs in your school and community.
  7. Evaluate the coaching and supervision for you child’s sports activities with an associated high risk for disordered eating (e.g., gymnastics, ballet, etc.).
  8. Examine your comments to your child about eating habits or appearance (your own or your child’s).
  9. Take the focus of family activities away from food.
  10. Emphasize your support of positive risk-taking.