Raising Twenty-Somethings Column

Back From School

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Dear Dr. Ponton:
It is again time for kids to go back to school, but not for my three “almost adult” children. My twenty-year-old daughter is taking a semester off from college and my two sons who have recently graduated are searching for, but have not been able to find jobs. One of them is smoking a lot of weed with his girlfriend and seems depressed.  My three kids spend a lot of time “hanging out” at home and my wife and I often feel like we’re the only ones working. When I see them lying around it makes me want towork harder and I find myself getting angry and unable to relax. I realize this is not easy for them but I had hoped that they would be “launched” by now.  How do I help them and myself?
-Disappointed Father (more…)